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The Wodern specializes in:
1. Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy
2. Paid Media Solutions
3. Digital Transformation Plan
4. Social Media Content and Strategy
5. E-Commerce Plan (Transactional)
6. Ambassadors & Partnerships 

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You need help developing a Digital Marketing or
E-Commerce Plan? You need support through Paid Media Advertising or Social Media Content Creation? The Wodern is here for you!


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Below are the services we offer and how we can provide support through your business activities.

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Digital Marketing Campaign & Strategy

Digital Marketing Campaigns are in line with companies online marketing efforts to drive engagement, conversions and traffic. Campaigns include one or more digital channels that ties in with the overall goals of your business. What types of channel you need to use for your goal and project?

Paid Media Solutions

Paid Media Solutions are used by the brand to communicate information to an extensive audience. By using advertisements, brand integration and paid influencers, you will be able to drive traffic to your own media properties. This involves getting paid publicity and awareness. How do you start?

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Digital Transformation Support & Planification

Digital transformation is replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes. Also, replacing older digital technology with latest and current digital technology. We are here to help you adapt your company's services to digital technology. What are the first steps in doing so? 

Social Media Content & Strategy

Social media strategy is what guides your actions; the more specific your strategy is, the more effective it will be. It helps you evaluate your growth and engagement. It is a summary of everything you want to achieve on your different channels. What type of content should you be publishing? What strategy should you put in place?

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E-Commerce Plan (Transactional)

E-commerce is the capital exchange of products, services or information through computer web, together with internet. What are the first steps into building an E-Commerce platform? Transactional or Non-transactional? 

Ambassadors & Partnerships

A brand ambassador program is a special type of marketing campaign that puts your company's message in the hands of influencers with a certain goal in mind, such as improving your sales, brand recognition or reputation. These programs can be temporary partnerships that last for a set time or ongoing relationships. How do you approach them? How do you build the relationship? How to find your ''passionate'' ambassador or influencer?

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